Vegan 101

Everything That You Need to Kickstart Your Transformation​

Family & Friends

How to Break the News?​

Going vegan is easy, but breaking the news to your family and friends can be difficult. If you’re lucky, you have family members and friends who support your decision to stop eating animal products—some might even join you! But it can be the other way around, and your family might not accept your decision to go vegan. But don’t worry, we have it all figured out for you.

Go Easy on Yourself

Any dietary change is a process, and gets easier over time. It can feel overwhelming to do it all at once and it’s okay to take it step-by-step—cutting out one animal product at a time. Don’t worry if you accidentally consume animal products during your initial transition. Remember that the key is to take the most important steps to move society away from using animals. It’s possible that your determination to persuade others to join could make veganism appear too difficult. So go easy on yourself and others around you. 

As a new vegan, it’s obvious that you feel the need to share about what’s happening to animals. And sometimes you feel angry with non-vegans. But it’s also important to realize that non-vegans will only want to be vegan if they associate it more with happiness than anger. For this reason, when around non-vegans, we suggest you express the happiness and satisfaction you feel in making the world more compassionate. Want to spread more information about veganism? 

Kickstarting Vegan Lifestyle

We Know That This Is New for You and We Have the Perfect Guide for You

Tips for Students​

If you are a student, you must be wondering how to stay vegan on campus. You might be thinking that you won’t be able to eat anything or perhaps it’s too difficult. The good news is that being vegan on your college campus is much more accessible than you would think. Practically every campus dining hall serves excellent vegan food, and you might even find a vegan community at your college.

Vegan traveling

In India, many traditional dishes are accidentally vegan, especially street food, making traveling while eating vegan much easier. By using online resources and with the help of accidentally vegan local cuisine, you can enjoy your traveling as a vegan. 

Vegan Lifestyle

For most, being vegan goes beyond diet and also includes what we wear. Thankfully there are dozens of brands that provide vegan alternatives that you can use in your day-to-day life—like vegan leather brands, cosmetics not tested on animals, and more. For more information on vegan lifestyle download the beginner’s guide below. 

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