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Wool and Fur: Not Ours to Take!

Wool is not our to take

We wear woollen sweaters and fur jackets for warmth. The sheep need their fleece, and the animals need their fur to protect themselves from cold. What else could be the purpose of the fleece? Or the purpose of fur? Of course, it’s for the sheep and other furry animals. We have no right to take what’s not ours.

All animals are bred according to the demand for animal products. Sheep, too, are bred according to the need for wool. The wool is ripped off their bodies. The animals try to defend themselves, making the shearing work difficult for the workers. The workers starve the sheep so that they become weak and can’t defend themselves. The workers get paid by volume, so they handle the sheep roughly. The workers kick, punch and trample the necks of sheep so that shearing becomes easier when the animals get hurt. Animals used for wool are rabbits, camel, bison, wild yak, and a few breeds of sheep and goats.

Animals are bred according to the demand for fur, hung upside down, and the workers cut off skin and fur from the bodies of the animals. When the fur is finally ripped off, their hairless, bloody bodies are thrown onto a pile of those who have gone before them. Animals used for fur are rabbits, minks, raccoons, foxes, wolves, etc.

Like any other non-vegan products, even wool and fur have vegan alternatives. Hemp, bamboo, linen, acrylic wool, and soybean fabric can be used as alternatives for wool. Bio-based fur, recycled faux fur, and recycled denim fur are a few alternatives for fur. Now the question is, how to identify genuine and fake fur/wool when you’re buying? The sellers can lie and sell us real fur or wool. So always remember, there’s just one formula. Animal-based clothing is super expensive. So if you’re getting a sweater/fur jacket at a cheaper rate, then the wool/fur is fake! I’ve even spoken to a sweater seller, and he honestly told me that wool and fur are expensive, and he can’t afford to sell them. And so do other small business owners. So please support small businesses, buy second-hand or make maximum use of your clothing, and choose sustainability. This will make both the animals and the planet happy!

– by Vaibhavi Lonkar, one of our long-term volunteers. You can check more of her work here: Guide to everything vegan

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