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Beach Wise Favorite Vegan Cafes in North Goa

Vegan cafes in Goa

Goa has always been known for its seafood. In recent years this scene has been changing. With mindful travelers, and planet-conscious youth visiting the sunshine state every year, many restaurants offer a wide range of plant-based options. So much so that last time I asked for a vegan coffee in a cafe in Siolim, they asked me if I wanted almond milk, cashew milk, or coconut milk, and I was like, oh, I have options now?

During my last few visits, I explored the most fantastic vegan-friendly cafes (some fully vegan) with my local vegan friends. Here are some of my favorite ones

1. Project Shunya 

Location: Arambol beach 

It’s a cozy lovely backyard cafe run by two sisters. Their goal is to run the restaurant with zero waste. They also source almost everything locally and hence the name.

Their vegan pancakes and smoothie bowls are my personal favorite. Their accidentally vegan desi treats are worth trying. 

2. Alternative 

Location: Mandrem beach

As the name says, it’s a cafe serving alternative plant-based options. They have a small permaculture kitchen garden all around the cafe. They have semi-indoor and outdoor seating. I love this place for the range of vegan options they have on their menu. I ate here a couple of times. The basil pesto pasta and Mediterranean bowls were just so amazing. 

I have a wishlist from this place and definitely going back. 

3. Prana Cafe 

Location: Ashwem and Anjuna

Prana cafe is a sea-facing, boho-vibed cafe with healthy plant-based options. They also source local produce. You can see a lot of passion on your plate, one of the finest vegan menu selections you will ever find. 

4. Rare Republic Cafe

Location: Uddo beach, Siolim 

It’s a place where you can just go, relax, read a book and enjoy the food. Imagine bougainvilleas, warm outdoors, dogs, minimal decor, and soothing light music – Rare republic is all that. They have so many vegan options. I go there for breakfast bowls and coffees. Yummy. They also run a small french bakery and are not vegan yet. I always tell them they should start baking some vegan version of french desserts. If you are visiting, you leave this suggestion too. It’s always nice to encourage restaurants/cafes to add more plant-based options. 

5. Bean me up

Location: Vagator 

For vegans, this is the first name that comes into mind when suggesting vegan places. They have been there for a long time. What I love about this place is that the food is so good that even my nonvegan friends and family fell in love with it and keep returning. I love the pizzas made with homemade vegan cheese and lip-smacking vegan ice creams. 

6. Gratitude Cafe

Location: Anjuna 

It’s a pet-friendly vegan cafe. It’s a place you can meet the vegan community of Goa. They organize vegan potlucks, art workshops, and other interactive activities. They share the space with a cute thrift store, so you can also do guilt-free shopping while you are there. Best place to hang out and meet like-minded people. I love their falafels, tofu wraps, and chocolate mousse cake. 

Many cafes in Goa have a couple of vegan options these days, so we don’t have to eat just fries. But I feel, as vegans, wherever we go if we find dishes that can be easily veganised, we should always take a minute to explain to the cafe staff how they can add an extra vegan option or add more vegan options to their menu. I always try to do this on an amicable note. I tell them they can get more customers by adding vegan options and how and why so many people are turning vegan. It goes a long way. 

A local bakery in Arambol, started baking some vegan cakes and cookies because so many people started asking for them. 

– By Bhavya Vatrapu, Senior Campaigns Manager at Vegan Outreach. Bhavya is also a conscious traveller writes travel blogs on

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